Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Sun.

The sun. I love the sun. 

You know why? 

Cause he never fades away. 

Even in the darkest night he's always there.
Always burning bright on the other side, and before you even realise, he comes back.
He's rising up behind the trees, over the seas and soon after he sets for one more time far away on the horizon.
The fact about him, is that he comes and goes but he never gives up. 
He keeps on coming and going every single day, and he lasts nearly for ever.
Without him there is no life, there is no future. Only darkness.
Although there are countless stars out there, countless other "suns" HE is unique. 
He is the reason for everything i know feel and live for.
The reason i exist.

Right now im looking at the sun and i love him even more, every passing minute. 
You know why?

Cause he reminds me of you.