Friday, December 16, 2016

This World.

I like dreaming. I like the time I spend within my own mind. Alone. Only by myself and my subconscious. Carving paths into darkness.

I like exploring. I like watching all these projections of my desires and fears as if they were a film. I like understanding things. I like being fearless, even for a while. A sole time when I begin to realise my own strength.

I like imagining stories. Stories about worlds forgotten, worlds that have not yet came to existance, wolds parallel to ours. Worlds of freedom and fulfilment.

But most of all I like life itself. Because if not for her, I wouldn't be talking to you right now my friend, you wouldn't be here to hear me either. We wouldn't have met or interacted.

And certainly, we wouldn't strive to create the world we imagine.

Now let us wake up. Everything is possible.
Let us build another world than the one we know.
A better one.

Like we're in a dream.
Let us begin.

As the sun rises.